Lextan in the professions of tomorrow

Lextan offers a new vision of mobility and machine driving in the fields of lifting, construction and handling thanks to the introduction of innovative digital technologies that will transform the machine driving professions.

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The construction site today

The construction industry is facing major challenges. According to UN studies, the world's population will increase by 2.5 billion people by 2050 and more than half of them will be concentrated in cities. Building professionals will therefore have to face an explosion in demand. To meet this challenge and improve construction productivity, the digitization of operations will be the most effective solution to address these issues.

Construction site smart detect

Image of a construction site equipped by LEXTAN. We can see the different technologies of artificial intelligence and augmented reality for the detection of humans.

Lextan supports construction professionals in these challenges. By transforming the assistance to the driving of construction equipment, by making remote driving possible, the innovative solutions developed by the start-up Lextan offer the possibility to the construction teams to anticipate, cooperate, communicate and evaluate their activities... The integration of digital technology allows to reinforce and better structure the trades, to meet the challenges of safety, productivity and CSR.

Construction site in a crane

Pol, crane pilot, in the cockpit of a crane equipped with a Kit NIZAR

"... It's quite impressive! It's a different way to operate! ..."
Pol, Crane operator

NIZAR augments the driver's work

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PROXIMA brings the construction site into the era of intelligent construction

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TELEPOD reinvents the way operations are conducted on construction sites

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