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At Lextan, we ensure a permanent technology watch, collaborate with university research and consider the latest technologies in imaging, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and 5G. And this in a spirit of Industrialization 5.0 that integrates the human with the machine!

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Key points


The image and the camera are the starting points of the Lextan adventure.
We are continuing our work on image processing as close as possible to their capture. The image is central for Lextan, in order to reach our objectives, it remains the first element that focuses our attention.
We invest a lot of effort to achieve excellent image quality, increased sensitivity while maintaining real-time requirements in their processing, an ongoing challenge.
We consider the image in a broad sense whether it is captured by a camera in the visible spectrum or by a LiDAR in the infrared spectrum.
The image processing that follows can be very broad: optical flow, orthomosaic, photogrammetry....


Augmented Reality is the second focus at Lextan in order to provide all the necessary assistance to drivers in their maneuvers,
help can be passive such as indications superimposed on the captured images for example a sight for the current target, projections of the movement axes.
The aid can also be active with servoing of the most delicate or difficult maneuvers.
Beyond Virtual Reality, we are also considering Mixed Reality, allowing to bring a 3D dimension in driving assistance.


Artificial Intelligence whether embedded, standalone or remote (cloud) allows for analysis of work and activity areas, identification of stakeholders and objects.
Whether real time and/or delayed time, artificial intelligence provides support for security, optimization and streamlining of project efforts.
Lextan evaluates the latest computer vision algorithms whether embedded or standalone to provide different levels of service and at the same time performs its own learning in the professional contexts we focus on.


The integration of 5G, Non Stand Alone (NSA) as well as Stand Alone (SA) is integral to Lextan's strategy.
Remote driving requires very high requirements in terms of latency (under 150 ms) and throughput (100 mb/s in uplink), which means that end-to-end connectivity must be mastered.
Driving is implicitly mobile, so 5G is the ideal network for Lextan to integrate into its solutions.
Lextan has successfully demonstrated the piloting of a crane at the JDL 2022 with these constraints.
Nevertheless, many challenges remain to be addressed, such as service continuity, capacity maintenance, etc.


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