Assists the driver in his daily missions.

NIZAR is the driving assistance solution that supports the driver in his daily missions and maintains the safety of goods and people by offering optimal driving performance.

NIZAR consists of a smart camera block associated with a connected control unit and a touch screen, all autonomous thanks to its solar panels.

Kit Nizar


  • Digital remote vision
  • Instant zoom and high sensitivity
  • Embedded computer vision (AI, AR)
  • Human detection for security prevention
  • All-in-one system
  • Expandable and scalable

Nizar in short

Up to 4 digital cameras

4G bridging and directional Wifi 6

A latency of less than 120 ms


Discover the piloting of a tower crane from the ground

The 'Augmented Crane' program conducted in partnership with Bouygues Construction.

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